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08 Sep 2017

Healing Body and Soul Summit Gift

Interstitial Cystitis

11 Dec 2016

Interstitial Cystitis is a difficult and miserable problem, mostly suffered by women. It is like a bladder infection in sensation, but there is no infection, and the pain is constant. There is no good treatment conventionally, which is partly why it is difficult. I am pleased that we have been able to cure most of the people who have come to us with this problem. By most, I mean over 90%. The problem involves pain in the bladder area, sometimes including vulvadynia or pain elsewhere in the perineum. It will vary somewhat in symptoms, but usually presents as constant pain in the bladder region, maybe worse from sitting, though in.

The Doctor as Teacher

29 Aug 2012
The Doctor as Teacher

Naturopathic physicians educate their patients and encourage self-responsibility for health. Salmon Creek Clinic (a devoted naturopathic clinic) recognizes and employs the therapeutic potential of the doctor-patient relationship. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please Contact Dr. Zeff of Salmon Creek Clinic.

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