We have treated children with chronic ear infections hundreds of times and cannot recall a child we could not totally cure, and in every case there was a dietary basis for the infections. Change the diet and the recurrent infections cease. In 50% of these children the problem is milk products. In the other half, it can be potato, egg, fruit, sugar, wheat, or possibly something else.

To treat the acute infection, we have found success most of the time using one of these homeopathic medicines, and constitutional hydrotherapy. (Refer to the paper on constitutional hydrotherapy for instructions in this simple technique.)

Homeopathic Belladonna will help the child who has fairly intense pain, and redness of the ear. You look into the ear and it is clearly infected. The child may wake with pain and cry out, even screaming because of the pain. The pain usually of a tearing and throbbing character. A single dose of Belladonna usually eases the pain within a minute or two.

Homeopathic Pulsatilla will help the child who is whiny, with achy pain, and a sense of pressure in the ear. Sometimes the ear will ooze a thick, bland discharge. The external ear may be red and swollen. The pain is usually worse at night. There may be a bland discharge from the eyes, or “gluing” shut of the eyes in the morning. He wants to be held and comforted.

The Chamomilla child is sensitive, irritable, angry and restless. He wants to be picked up, and when you do he wants to be put down. He wants a toy, which he throws away when you give it to him. He is whining, impatient, and intolerant. The ear pain seems intense, and my drive him frantic. Often it will be described as a stitching pain, as needles stuck in the ear.

If homeopathy is not available, try a few drops of medicated oil. Using olive or another bland oil, crush some garlic into it, or grate some ginger into it, or add a bit of cayenne pepper into it. Warm the oil with the herb, and place a few drops of the warm oil into the ear. Make sure it is not too hot. Gently place a bit of balled-up cotton into the ear opening to help hold the oil in. It should ease the pain quickly.