When flu season is in full swing, we have found these suggestions to be helpful:

  1. Always do constitutional hydrotherapy (see hydrotherapy section). Once daily, especially before bed.
  2. When first feeling ill, or as a preventive measure, use Boiron’s homeopathic “Oscillococcinum”. Take a capfull every 2-3 hours if feeling ill, or once daily to prevent the flu. “Airborne” is pretty good, but check the ingrediejnts for possible dietary difficulties.
  3. If you feel heavy, slow, achy: homeopathic Gelsemium 30c. Take a dose hourly if it helps.
  4. For deep bone pain/ache: homeopathic Eupatorium 30c; hourly as needed.
  5. For that cough that can’t quite get that sticky mucous our of your chest, that comes in paroxysms of deep cough, try homeopatic Antimonium tart, 30c.
  6. If you are feeling, irritable, nauseus, and very chilled, try homeopathic Nux vomica 30c.
  7. If you are feeling weak, sweaty, and hot but seek more heat: blankets or a hot water bottle, take homeopathic Arsenicum alb. 30c.
  8. If you are feeling feverish, use Elder flower and Yarrow, tinctures or teas. Make a cup of tea from equal parts of the ground flowers, or add about 60 drops of the mixed tinctures into a cup of hot water. Drink just before or in a hot bath. You’ll sweat the illness out.
  9. If these don’t fit, give us a call at 360-823-8121 and we’ll make a custom medicine for you and send it to you.