Why is Drinking Lemon So Popular?

27 Aug 2019
Why is Drinking Lemon So Popular?

Why do so many “cleanse” programs suggest drinking hot lemon water in the morning? Warm beverages encourage movement in the digestive tract. Sour flavors, similar to bitter flavors, stimulate digestive juices to flow. A hot drink in the morning can help promote regular bowel movements. The bowels are one of the body’s main “detox” pathways.  Clear, unsweetened fluids do not move the body from its “fasting” state to its “fed” state. This allows an extended period of time for regeneration and repair. For those who don’t digest fruit well, try these alternatives. Rice or white vinegar can be used instead of lemon. Also, you might try adding a number of.

More on Interstitial Cystitis

19 Mar 2018

Since the appearance of an article about our success in treating a case of interstitial cystitis in Megan’s Blog, we have received many new patients and even international calls regarding our treatment of this miserable condition.  Thank God, we have had great success with treating interstitial cystitis!  I recently received a “testimonial” from a young woman, that I want to post here. Patient Review of Salmon Creek Clinic Interstitial Cystitis Treatment: “Dr Zeff . . . I just wanted to give you an update on how I am feeling. Well, I want to give you a HUGE thanks! I am feeling WAY BETTER. The pressure and urgency and frequency are.

Treating and Preventing the Flu

24 Jan 2018

There is a nasty flu epidemic occurring, one of the worst I have ever seen.  In fact, there appears to be at least two different flu types, and possibly more.  The worst I am seeing is a flu that affects breathing and may result in pneumonia.  It is characterized by fever, but not in all cases.  It is accompanied by achiness, sometimes deep achiness and severe weakness.  Here is what I am finding that helps, and I may have to modify or add to this as the days go by and I see more. Homeopathic Gelsemium: use the 30c, or the 200c if you can find it.  Begin with this, and.

Healing Body and Soul Summit Gift Page

08 Sep 2017

This paper on Nature Cure is part of the gift package that Dr. Zeff  offers through the  “Healing Body and Soul Summit”.  ….The foundation of nature cure is based upon the observation that it is the nature of things to heal themselves.  We can see this in a piece of land that has been disturbed by earthquake, fire, or human intervention.  ….If nature cure is based upon the restoration of health, standard medicine is based upon the diagnosis and treatment of disease.   Download the Healing Body and Soul Summit Gift  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please Contact Dr. Zeff of Salmon Creek Clinic. or call us at 360-823-8121.

Childhood Asthma

18 Jan 2017

Over the past 2 decades, we have seen a substantial increasing in childhood asthma. It is now considered an epidemic. Some children die from this. Many are limited in activity and must medicate daily in order to breathe comfortably. In simple terms, asthma is an inflammatory disturbance in the small airways of the lungs. Inflammation causes swelling and secretions, and this reduces the flow of air into and out of the lungs. There can be various triggers, including exercise, stress, cold air, dust, smoke, animal dander, pollens and other external allergens and pollutants, and certain foods. There can be congenital and possibly genetic aspects, as well. The standard treatments are.

Simple Healing Soup

11 Dec 2016

This is a recipe for simple healing soup. I recommend this recipe for people who are trying to heal and do not know what to eat. This simple diet is nourishing and will provide significant nutrition while being easy to digest. Simple healing soup will help reduce or eliminate the “toxemia” which occurs for digestive disturbances and which drives inflammation in the body. This soup can be varied in many ways, as the recipe demonstrates. 2-4 quarts of pure water. Do not use filtered or bottled water if the filter is a carbon filter, as most carbon filters are made today from coconut husk charcoal and this will put elements into.

Interstitial Cystitis

11 Dec 2016

Interstitial Cystitis is a difficult and miserable problem, mostly suffered by women. It is like a bladder infection in sensation, but there is no infection, and the pain is constant. There is no good treatment conventionally, which is partly why it is difficult. I am pleased that we have been able to cure most of the people who have come to us with this problem. By most, I mean over 90%. The problem involves pain in the bladder area, sometimes including vulvadynia or pain elsewhere in the perineum. It will vary somewhat in symptoms, but usually presents as constant pain in the bladder region, maybe worse from sitting, though in.

Interstitial Cystitis

21 Jun 2016

“Interstitial Cystitis” is defined as a “noninfectious bladder inflammation that causes pain, urinary frequency and urgency with incontinence.” (Merck Manual)  It is like a bladder infection that never stops, and that has no good conventional treatment.   The Merck Manual article goes on to say that  “cure is rare”.  But cure is common in our clinic.  Cure, meaning, no further pain or problem.  I will write a bit here how we accomplish cure for this difficult problem. Like many chronic inflammatory problems, there is a dietary problem that underlies most of this.  The explanation is simple.  If one consistently eats a food that irritates one’s body, the irritation becomes chronic..

Dr Zeff Statins Opinion

09 Nov 2015

by Dr. Zeff of Salmon Creek Clinic | Topic of Discussion: Statins I found this article about statins today and wanted to begin my new clinical blog with this posting from PubMed.  PubMed is a web site  run by the National Institute of Health where peer-reviewed journal articles are available.  It makes medical research for clinicians and the public quite easy. _____ Expert Rev Clin Pharmacol. 2015 Mar;8(2):189-99. doi: 10.1586/17512433.2015.1011125. Epub 2015 Feb 6. Statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure: pharmacological mechanisms. Okuyama H1, Langsjoen PH, Hamazaki T, Ogushi Y, Hama R, Kobayashi T, Uchino H. . Abstract In contrast to the current belief that cholesterol reduction with statins decreases.

Breast Cancer Protocol

29 Aug 2012

Protocol for Breast Cancer Treatment During and After Radiation PLEASE NOTE: This should only be done with the knowledge and support of your oncologist. Please consult your doctor before applying any cancer treatments. 1. Dietary regimen as recommended individually. This will be done through food intolerance testing. A kit for this purpose is being sent to you. 2. Daily constitutional hydrotherapy – helps enhance detoxification, promote digestion, reduce nausea, and enhance immunity. I am sending instructions for this along with the dietary testing kit. 3. Acupuncture once or twice weekly – helps reduce pain, nausea, vomiting. Helps enhance overall sense of wellbeing. There are several acupuncturists in the Appleton area..

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