Over the past 2 decades, we have seen a substantial increasing in childhood asthma. It is now considered an epidemic. Some children die from this. Many are limited in activity and must medicate daily in order to breathe comfortably. In simple terms, asthma is an inflammatory disturbance in the small airways of the lungs. Inflammation causes swelling and secretions, and this reduces the flow of air into and out of the lungs. There can be various triggers, including exercise, stress, cold air, dust, smoke, animal dander, pollens and other external allergens and pollutants, and certain foods. There can be congenital and possibly genetic aspects, as well. The standard treatments are inhalers and other drugs that expand the airways and reduce inflammation.

We have had such great success with asthma, especially childhood asthma, that I love it when a mom brings me an asthmatic child because I am reasonably certain that within a few weeks that child will be off of their medications and free of asthma. In other words, we do not simply medicate differently, we cure the asthma, most of the time.

The way we do this is similar to how we treat other inflammatory problems. Looking for an underlying cause. In childhood asthma, I have almost always found a dietary cause. Removing this cause of inflammation. We provide the child with a homeopathic medicine to use for immediate breathing relief. Constructing an herbal lung tonic to reduce the inflammation present in the lung and to soothe and heal the affected tissues. We may recommend a few days of constitutional hydrotherapy. We usually see immediate improvement in breathing crisis episodes with the homeopathic medicine, which reduces the need for inhalers. As the parent proceeds with the hydrotherapy, lung tonic, and dietary changes, the basis for the inflammation in the lungs reduces until there is no more inflammation, and the asthma is no longer present. The child needs less and less medication until they don’t need it at all. They no longer have asthma. Simple and elegant.

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