Fruit Free List

Food Products for the Fruit Intolerance Diet with a Potato and Grain Combination

Robert’s American Gourmet / Veggie Booty Fred Meyer / Fruit Free Health

There are currently no commercially available breads we know of that are fruit free.
Fruit Free Cookies
Pamela’s/Pecan Shortbread Fred Meyer/health
Fruit Free Ice Cream
Breyers/Vanilla, French Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl, Butter Pecan All Stores
Fruit Free  Milk
Organic Valley/Organic Whole Milk Fred Meyer/health
Naturally Preferred/Organic Whole Milk Fred Meyer/health
Organic Whole Milk Safeway
Fruit Free List of Cheese
Tillamook/Monterey Jack All Stores
Organic Creamery/Parmesan Cheese Fred Meyer/health
Kroger/Neufchatel Cheese (cream cheese) All Stores
Precious/Whole Milk Low Moisture Mozzarella Cheese Safeway
Rosenborg/Danish Blue Cheese All Stores
Organic Valley/Raw Sharp Cheddar Cheese Fred Meyer/health
Organic Valley/Mild Cheddar Cheese Fred Meyer/health
Fruit Free Rice Milk
Rice Dream/Rice Drink “Classic” Vanilla Fred Meyer/health
Rice Dream/Rice Drink “Classic” Original Fred Meyer/health
Fruit Free Lunch Meat
Hormel/Smoked Deli Turkey All Stores
Applegate/Turkey Fred Meyer/health
Fruit Free Bacon and Sausage
Fred Meyer/sliced bacon Fred Meyer/health
Aidells/Cajun Spice Fred Meyer/health
Shelton’s/Turkey links or patties Health food stores
Fruit Free Free Yogurt
Pavel’s/Original Russian Yogurt New Seasons
Straus/Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

Dreaming Cow Grass-fed Plain Yogurt

New Seasons

Natural Grocers

Fruit Free Free Butter
Organic Valley/Organic Salted or Unsalted Butter Fred Meyer/health
Tillamook/Unsalted butter All Stores
Fruit Free Corn Tortillas
Carmen’s/Yellow Corn Tortillas New Seasons
Trader Joe’s/Corn Tortillas Trader Joe’s
Fruit Free Pickles
Claussen/Kosher Dill All Stores
Bubbies/Pure Kosher Dills All Stores
Fruit Free Soup
Imagine/Organic Creamy Butternut Squash Fred Meyer/health
Fruit Free Chips
Lundberg/Rice Chips (Sea Salt) Fred Meyer/health
Que Pasa/Organic Corn Tortilla Chips (white or yellow)

Late July Chips

Fred Meyer/health
Erin’s/White Cheddar Popcorn Safeway
Fruit Free List of Cereal
Nature’s Path/Organic Instant Hot Oatmeal (Maple Nut) Fred Meyer/health
McCann’s/Irish Oatmeal All Stores
Kashi/Go Lean Creamy Instant Hot Cereal (Truly Vanilla) Fred Meyer/health
Oatmeal All Stores
Health Valley/Rice Crunch-Ems Fred Meyer/health
Fruit Free List of Tomato Sauce and Paste
Pomi/Strained Tomatoes All Stores
Tomato Paste (generally contains only tomato) All Stores
Fruit Free Candy
York/Peppermint Patty All Stores
Hershey/Milk Chocolate (plain or almond) All Stores
Hershey/Dark Chocolate All Stores
Hershey/Chocolate Syrup All Stores
See’s/Chocolate, nuts and chews (avoid fruit fillings) See’s Stores
Candied ginger (bulk or pre-packaged) Fred Meyer/health
Fruit Free Soda
A&W/Root Beer All Stores
Natural Brew/Vanilla Créme Soda Fred Meyer/health
Natural Brew/Winter Brew Fred Meyer/health
Fruit Free Tea
Lemon Grass
Lemon Balm
Black Tea (avoid Earl Gray)
Green Tea
Fruit Free Miscellaneous
San-J/Organic Tamari Wheat-Free Soy Sauce All Stores
Marukan/Rice Vinegar (green label) All Stores
Hoodsport/Rhubarb Wine Salmon Creek Clinic
Pharmax/Vitamin C Powder Salmon Creek Clinic
Le Tressor Sel Gris/Sea Salt Salmon Creek Clinic

Deep Sea/Tuna (packed in spring water) Fred Meyer/health

If one has a fruit intolerance and continues to eat fruit (even in small quantities), inflammation will develop from the irritants of that mal-digestive process. The simple solution is to identify the intolerance and eliminate it from the diet. Relief usually begins within three days. We have seen this rapid improvement for fruit intolerance over and over, many times.

To learn more about food intolerance and the fruit free diet, visit the dietary section of our web site.  If you have questions about this or items on our fruit free list, call or email Salmon Creek Clinic at:  360-823-8121, or