“Interstitial Cystitis” is defined as a “noninfectious bladder inflammation that causes pain, urinary frequency and urgency with incontinence.” (Merck Manual)  It is like a bladder infection that never stops, and that has no good conventional treatment.   The Merck Manual article goes on to say that  “cure is rare”.  But cure is common in our clinic.  Cure, meaning, no further pain or problem.  I will write a bit here how we accomplish cure for this difficult problem.

Like many chronic inflammatory problems, there is a dietary problem that underlies most of this.  The explanation is simple.  If one consistently eats a food that irritates one’s body, the irritation becomes chronic.  In the case of Interstitial Cystitis, most of the time the dietary problem is fruit.  The person who suffers this constant pain is really suffering from the inability of their body to adequately metabolize certain elements in fruit.  For some of our patients, the problem has not been fruit, but some other dietary element.  But always there is a dietary element that underlies this.

If one has a fruit intolerance, and continues to eat fruit, even in small quantities, an inflammation will develop from the irritants of that mal-digestive process.  In the cystitis patient, the location of this is in the bladder.  For as yet unknown reasons, that person’s bladder is more susceptible to irritation by the fruit residues, probably the fruit acids.  So the bladder starts to hurt.  And as long as they eat fruit (or whatever their dietary intolerance happens to be), their bladder will hurt.  The simple solution is to identify the intolerance and eliminate it from the diet.  Relief usually begin within three days.  Relief is aided at first by appropriate homeopathic and herbal medicines, that soothe and heal the irritated bladder.  Because the source of the irritation is stopped, the inflammation stops, and the healing completes, and there is no more cystitis.

We have seen this rapid improvement over and over, many times.  To learn more about food intolerance, look into the dietary section of our web site.

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