vintage illustrated carrots for simple healing soupThis is a recipe for simple healing soup. I recommend this recipe for people who are trying to heal and do not know what to eat. This simple diet is nourishing and will provide significant nutrition while being easy to digest. Simple healing soup will help reduce or eliminate the “toxemia” which occurs for digestive disturbances and which drives inflammation in the body. This soup can be varied in many ways, as the recipe demonstrates.

2-4 quarts of pure water. Do not use filtered or bottled water if the filter is a carbon filter, as most carbon filters are made today from coconut husk charcoal and this will put elements into the water that will bother some people’s digestion. I recommend a true spring water, such as “Sierra Springs Mountain Spring Water”, in the hard, 5-gallon bottles. This water has no fruit residues. Similarly, a good well water will work, if it is not filtered through a carbon filter.

Boil a chicken carcass, turkey carcass or beef bones for several hours, or overnight, with salt and a bit of pepper, to create a stock. For vegan alternatives, just use the vegetables to make a stock.  Then add:

One cup cut carrots.

One-half to one cup chopped celery

One cup chopped cabbage

One-half to one cup chopped onion

One-half to one cup butternut squash

One-half to one cup zucchini

One-half to one cup green beans

2 tsp pure sea salt – vary to taste (Use a pure, true Celtic sea salt)

Fresh garlic – 3-5 cloves

Optional: ¼ – ½ teaspoonful each:

Cumin, Ginger, Chili flakes, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary.

Bring Simple Healing Soup to boil, then simmer until the vegetables are soft: 30 to 60 minutes or longer


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