Constitutional Hydrotherapy for Home Application

The purpose of this treatment is to stimulate a more rapid improvement in health, along with the application of specific dietary therapy and other measures. It is an integral part of most of our treatment protocols, but it has other applications. It can be used whenever there is a fever or febrile illness, or to ward off illness which is beginning to manifest. It is strengthening and healing to the digestive system, helps to normalize circulation, soothes the nervous system, stimulates eliminative and detoxifying processes, and stimulates the vital force. It is a subtle yet powerful treatment with no potential for harm if done according to the following directions, under the order of a qualified naturopathic physician. If one is doing this treatment during chronic illness, a weekly report to the naturopathic physician is mandatory, and no other treatments or medications of any kind should be used without the knowledge and approval of the naturopathic physician.

  1. With the patient lying on the back, cover the bared chest and abdomen, from the neck to the pubic bone, with 2-4 thicknesses of terrycloth towel wrung out in hot water tolerable to the touch. Cover the body with a blanket to avoid becoming chilled. Leave the hot towels in place for five minutes.
  2. Replace the hot towels with a single thickness of towel wrung out in cold water. Cover the person as before to avoid chill. Leave the cold towel in place for 10 minutes. Do not remove the towel until it has become warmed.
  3. Turn the patient over and repeat the same treatment on the back.

The treatment takes about half-an-hour. This method is best done to the patient by another person.
If the patient is going to administer the treatment to himself the following modification should be used.
Take a hot bath or shower for 5-10 minutes. Get out and dry off. Take a large towel wrung out in cold water and wrap it around the torso, from the armpits to the groin. Cover up with a robe or blanket to avoid a chill. Leave in place 20-30 minutes. Do not remove the towel until it becomes warmed.

At the end of this treatment the patient should feel better. They should not feel chilled. If they do not feel better, or feel chilled, contact the naturopathic physician and do not repeat the treatment.