Clinic Operations During Covid-19

Your healthcare is a priority to us! Yes, clinic operations are changing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But we are still open and doing everything we can to treat and get medicine to our patients. Please do not suffer in silence or let your medicines lapse. We will work with you to maintain the best quality care we can while protecting you and your loved ones from exposure. 


What are we doing to prevent Covid transmission during clinic operations?


Changes inside the clinic operations:

  • We are staggering both patients and staff to reduce exposure
  • Cleaning surfaces after every patient/visitor
  • Telemedicine visits are being offered to all patients
  • Doctors are wearing masks while performing physical exams
  • Patients are sitting 6 feet from their provider during office visits 
  • Well patients are being scheduled during the first part of the day
  • Any patients with active symptoms are being scheduled during the latter part of the day
  • Medicines are being shipped to patients directly, brought out to parked cars by our staff, or left at our office door for pick-up during specified times


What we are asking of our patients:

  • Please tell us if you have a sore throat, cough, fever, shortness of breath, or other active symptoms
    • *This will NOT prevent us from treating you! It will inform when/how we schedule your visit, and help us keep you and others as safe as possible. 🙂 
  • Continue to take care of yourselves! Naturopathic medicine asks a lot of the patient. Quality sleep, good nutrition, and moderate exercise are as important now as ever, and maybe more so!

# # #

Vancouver, Washington is closely monitoring developing information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Find resources, closures, event cancellations, and more specifics for Clark County, Washington here.