Chronic Disease

Chronic disease occurs as the disturbing factors accumulate, and the attempts by the body to get rid of these disturbances are suppressed, allowing the disturbance to penetrate deeper and deeper into the vital structures and functions of the body. Though these treatments may preserve life or ease suffering, what this amounts to is that these disease states are “managed” by our doctors, rather than cured.
To accomplish this, in general, one begins at the beginning. First, identify disturbing factors. Again, this is usually found most dramatically in diet. One need not make absolute or perfect improvements in the diet; incremental improvements will prove effective.

Make positive changes, with a focus upon three things:

  1. First, insure dietary adequacy: insure that all the necessary nutrients for health and healing are present in the diet, that there is enough of everything.
  2. Second, insure a more healthful balance of nutrients, that there is not too much of something. Third, identify and remove reactive foods if they are present.
  3. Then identify the stressful elements in the person’s life and advise the person about their moderation, or act to reduce the effects of stress upon the body. This includes the suppressive effects of drugs and other medical interventions, toxic and traumatic exposures, as well as what might be called toxic relationships, and the whole host of that which we have identified as potentially disturbing factors.

Simultaneously, one can begin to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms, by means which are not in themselves suppressive or weakening. First, one should apply general stimulation to the healing processes. The single best way to do this is through constitutional hydrotherapy. Such a treatment is non-suppressive, counteracts the effects of stress upon the digestive system, aids in detoxification of the blood by pumping more blood through the liver and the kidneys, as well as the stomach and intestines, is relaxing and tonifying at the same time. It is a profoundly healing treatment. It is used to treat all manner of acute and chronic disease, from infection to cancer. This treatment is used with infants and old people alike.

In my experience, appropriate dietary change, coupled with a simple stomach tonic and constitutional hydrotherapy will generate improvement in almost any disease condition.

Support Recovery

The next task is to evaluate the functional status of the various systems and organs, and, if necessary, to support their specific recovery. This is the area where I find the greatest use for botanicals. One can identify botanical medicines, which will improve function in any system of the body

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