Dr. Zeff

Designation: ND LAC

Dr. Jared Zeff is a licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine and a licensed acupuncturist. In addition to maintaining a private practice, Dr. Jared Zeff currently teaches at the Bastyr University, College of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California in 1974, Dr. Zeff graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1979, and from the Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in 1987. In 1988 he accepted the position of Academic Dean at National College which he held until 1993, when he returned to full-time practice.

Dr. Zeff is considered a traditionalist, practicing a classical form of naturopathic medicine. He began a private practice in McMinnville, Oregon, based around obstetrics and family medicine. In 1993 he moved his practice to the Portland area, and in 2001 moved to Vancouver. He currently works primarily with chronic disease.

He was named “Naturopathic Physician of the Year” in 1989 for his contribution to the development of naturopathic clinical theory. In April, 2002, he was given the first Lifetime Achievement Award of the Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Association for his contributions to naturopathic medical education. View Articles by Dr. Zeff.

Dr. Rebecca Zeff

Designation: ND

The Early Years | As a 2nd generation Naturopath Dr. Rebecca Zeff had a unique upbringing. Instead of drugs to quell fevers and surgeries to remove tonsils, her childhood illnesses were treated with hydrotherapy, homeopathy, and herbs. From an early age, Rebecca was fascinated with the natural world and natural cycles. Curious by nature, she got accurate and informative answers to the basic questions of life like, “where do babies come from” and “why is the sky blue?” From accompanying her father to harvest medicinal herbs to joining him on house-calls and at conferences, Rebecca has been steeped in natural medicine her entire life.

Rebecca began helping people live healthier lives by working as a fitness instructor while she attained her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She enjoyed teaching such varied formats as Zumba, Yoga, and Tai Chi, which she still enjoys today.

Clinical Practice | Now a licensed Naturopath, Rebecca is working beside her father, Dr. Jared Zeff, at the Salmon Creek Clinic. Rebecca has a general practice with special interests in chronic pain, sports injury, chronic illness, fertility, men’s health, teen and child medicine, and optimal nutrition. As an avid gardener and lifelong athlete, two of Rebecca’s favorite healing tools are herbal medicines and hands-on therapies like joint manipulation and bodywork. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Rebecca often makes herbal medicines and beauty products from homegrown or wildcrafted plants. She is a member of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute and the Weston A. Price Foundation.

When she’s not at work, Rebecca is often pursuing one of numerous interests, which include homemaking, homesteading, plastic-free living, martial arts, and fitness. She enjoys cooking, eating, reading, dancing, knitting, gardening, and spending time outdoors in the Washington countryside where she lives with her husband, son, and all their chickens and ducks.

Dr. Lauren Sutton

Designation: ND

Clinical Practice | Dr. Lauren Sutton is a Naturopathic Physician licensed in both Washington and Oregon. She received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine as well as a Certificate in Natural Childbirth from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and nurtures a small midwifery practice in Oregon.

She practices in the full scope of Naturopathic Medicine, but holds particular passion for fertility work, pediatric care, midwifery, women’s health, and family medicine. She has great respect for the tenants of Naturopathic Medicine as well as the body’s innate ability to heal, the process of birth, and individual autonomy in health. She has been trained extensively in herbal medicine, homeopathy, midwifery, and naturopathic manipulation techniques including cranial sacral therapy.

A little more about Lauren | Lauren was raised in a beautifully big family, full of strong and wise woman in eastern Washington. She earned her  B.S. in Kinesiology as well as a B.A. in Psychology from Washington State University. After graduation, she traveled to Seoul, South Korea where she worked as an English Teacher before returning to the states to prepare for Naturopathic medical school. She began attending births in her second year of medical school, gaining a profound admiration for reproductive health and the unique ability of the Naturopathic Doctor or Midwife to provide care not just for pregnant women, but entire families. She is passionate about reproductive health and supporting families in health through the transitions of life.

Jessica Zeff

Designation: Dietary Services

Clinical Practice | Jessica Zeff offers Dietary Services and Dietary Counseling for patients who’ve received their SCC dietary evaluations.

The oldest daughter of Dr. Jared Zeff, Jessica learned at an early age that what we eat plays an important role in our overall health. Almost everyone in the family had different dietary intolerances, and in a family of seven people that requires a lot of creativity when meal planning.

After finishing her undergraduate degree, Jessica spent several years working at the Salmon Creek Clinic, and was able to see that the vitalist approach to naturopathy is especially eeffive for those who follow the dietary recommendations prescribed by the doctor. She also observed that many others struggled with the dietary changes they needed to make and had less success with their health goals if they didn’t follow them. Unfortunately, for some people the food aspect was just too difficult, and they would give up.

Wanting to help with this aspect of the healing journey, she decided to go to culinary school. After graduating she still didn’t feel like she knew enough to help, and continued working in restaurants and the clinic for several years, eventually leaving both to in the corporate world while earning an MBA in Sustainable Business.

Now, she is back at Salmon Creek Clinic to offer to you her knowledge about food and the dietary evaluations, as well as her culinary skills.

For more information about Jessica’s services, go to her website: www.hazelwoodnaturalfoods.com.

Let’s eat!