There is a nasty flu epidemic occurring, one of the worst I have ever seen.  In fact, there appears to be at least two different flu types, and possibly more.  The worst I am seeing is a flu that affects breathing and may result in pneumonia.  It is characterized by fever, but not in all cases.  It is accompanied by achiness, sometimes deep achiness and severe weakness.  Here is what I am finding that helps, and I may have to modify or add to this as the days go by and I see more.

Homeopathic Gelsemium: use the 30c, or the 200c if you can find it.  Begin with this, and use this as a preventive, once daily.  One pellet is sufficient per dose.

If the Gelsemium does not help and the achiness is deep in the bones, take Eupatorium, again the 30c or 200c.

If there are abdominal symptoms, pain and digestive upset, take Lycopodium, 30c or 200c.

I have been making a combination of these botanical tinctures: Echinacea, Achillea (Yarrow), Phytolacca, Baptesia, Eupatorium perf., Glycyrrhiza, Melissa, and Lomatium.  Take 30 drops of the mix once daily as a preventive, along with the Gelsemium homeopathic, but if you start to feel ill, start taking it every 2 hours in a little water.

And let me know how this works, or if something works better for you – Dr. Zeff

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